Film Review: ‘Two Night Stand’

Film Review: ‘Two Night Stand’

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Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton star in this alternately smart and grating look at 21st-century romance. By Ella Taylor. Given the hair-raising uncertainties of urban romance today, that may be a cake to have and eat only at the movies. Director Max Nichols and screenwriter Mark Hammer have their fingers on the generational pulse in this twitchy tale of two drifting New Yorkers Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller who meet on a casual dating site, spend the designated night together — then find themselves snowbound, stuck with one another, and having a real conversation.

Two strangers hook up, then get trapped together in a blizzard. Hence, Two Night Stand, starring Miles Teller, the young star of Rabbit Hole and The Spectacular Now, and Analeigh Seems awfully specific for a dating site.

Megan from the movie “Two Night Stand” has a tough time in life. Very recently she was engaged to receive medical education and fun at the company of Friends. But after a severe break with the groom, her boat gave way, the days became the same: couch, food, the Internet. The money was absolutely not even enough to pay for the apartment, and there was no patches in the future. One night after a collision with former Megan, he was finally discouraged and listened to a friend’s advice to find the guy for one night.

With the dating site, this process took a few minutes for the girl. Her potential partner, Alec, turned out to be quite amusing, and he was happy with the sudden development of the relationship. In the morning, their history could have ended with an awkward farewell and mutual claims, but the forces of nature intervened: Snow storms covered New York, and it was impossible to get out on the street. We have a strange couple to spend another 24 hours together, talking and revelation. And maybe their-date will go into something more.

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On November 10, , it was announced that there were two offers for the rights of the film in the US. Megan is unemployed and single, and one day she joins a dating website. Her roommates, who just want her to move out, invite her to a party at a club.

Two night stand dating site. That Awkward Moment Comedy Romance. Stars: Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller. The First Time I Tipton Drama Romance.

Call Netflix Netflix. After an ill-considered one-night stand, a couple gets trapped together in a cramped apartment when a huge snowstorm strikes the city. Watch all you want. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Comedies , Romantic Movies , Romantic Comedies. This movie is Quirky, Intimate, Romantic. Coming Soon. The Idhun Chronicles. A boy suddenly orphaned fights his parents’ killer to save a planet, and discovers a new world of danger — and wonder.

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Movies like Two Night Stand. Find your next favorite and similar movies in two steps: 1. Identify all themes of interest from this film block below. Look for them in the presented list. Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand hits select theatres 9/26 and OnDemand 10/3!

Assorted Buffery. About Us. Get In Touch. For enthusiasts and fellow buffs. Assorted Buffery Becky Lea. Mar However, it is Analeigh Tipton who shines brightest, imbuing Megan with an inherent likeability and avoiding too many of the romcom heroine cliches. Her clumsiness and misfortune derives more from traditionally awkward situations rather than being tacked on to give her some semblance of character.

Giving off a young Meg Ryan quality, Tipton is all at once neurotic, charming, confident and vulnerable and it’s refreshing to see within the genre, too often reliant on ‘quirky’ to sell a character. Megan is not the only way in which Two Night Stand manages to bring a little subversive quality to the usual genre formula. The opening credits, too often treated as just a colourful introduction, provide a look at not only the funny perils of online dating when you’re female HEY SEXXXXY for example , but also at Megan’s backstory.

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‘Two Night Stand’ Review: Starring Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton & Jessica Szohr Megan meets Alec (Miles Teller) on her dating site chat room and after a.

Two Night Stand comes so close to saying something insightful about dating in the digital age that the inevitable letdown is more bitter than usual. The directorial debut of Max Nichols son of Mike Nichols stars Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton as twentysomethings groping around in the metaphorical dark for something to hold onto, using sex as a Band-Aid in the meantime. Megan Tipton is a loosely sketched woman with a pre-med degree but no job, and her general aimlessness speaks more to how she was written than to post-grad malaise.

Egged on by her roommate to get over her ex by getting under someone else, Megan wades into the world of online dating. What follows is a wildly uneven, somewhat trite foray into contemporary gender politicking and sex. None of it feels particularly real or urgent.

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With stereotypical characters, Two Night Stand is a twitchy tale of romance between two down and out souls seeking sexual gratification on a blind date. The narration starts off in a simple, uncomplicated manner with the lead pair meeting on the premise of a casual no-strings attached one-night stand. The story gradually stretches to a two-night stand packed with under-currents of tension regarding sexuality that leads to a conventional ending.

Megan Tipton has recently been dumped by her boyfriend. In order to get her out of the blues, her roommate Fazia Szohr suggests she go on a blind date by hooking someone on a dating site.

It’s essentially a two-hander: down-in-the-dumps Tipton hooks up with Teller for a one-night stand via a dating site, but when she tries to leave.

Given the hair-raising uncertainties of urban romance today, that may be a cake to have and eat only at the movies. Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller who meet on a casual dating site, spend the designated night together — then find themselves snowbound, stuck with one another, and having a real conversation. Moviegoing boomer parents who see it as a primer on the risks their kids are willing to take for love and sex, on the other hand, may wish to bring Xanax.

We meet Megan Tipton , dressed down and moping in sweats and big socks — indie shorthand for let-down-by-lifers who have no idea what to do with their Saturday nights, let alone the rest of their days. Pausing only to demand a video tour of his apartment serial-killer test , Megan hightails it from the East Village to Brooklyn around midnight. It stands to reason that an honest dialogue put together by two young men would take building a better orgasm as its first, graphic order of business, but at least the carnal instruction is equal-opportunity.

Not-so-sloppy seconds — The romantic comedy ‘Two Night Stand’ is a fun crowd pleaser

It incorporates comedy, romance and fervent passion in an entertaining and charming way. The story takes place in New York City, shortly after Christmas. Megan Analeigh Tipton is recovering from a breakup and follows the advice of a friend Jessica Szohr by joining an Internet dating site to find a one-night stand. There, she finds Alec Miles Teller and agrees to meet at his place.

The next morning, the two awake to find that a freak snowstorm has paralyzed New York City and that they are literally stuck inside his apartment.

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Two Night Stand is the latest romantic comedy that takes the premise of sex without consequence and brings that concept into a formulaic romantic comedy. In , website both the lackluster No Strings Attached and the clever Friends with Benefits focused on this subject on the big screen. Both movies then showed these friends falling in love with one another.

Two Night Stand opens with a fairly clever expository sequence of Megan setting up a dating site profile. (No Tinder? What is this, ?).

Post a Comment. Modern dating is a jungle of random hook-ups, Internet dating sites with questionable profiles, and other hurdles When Harry Met Sally never had to contend with. First-time director Max Nichols son of director Mike Nichols chose wisely with his leads, Miles Teller and the lesser-known but bubbly Analeigh Tipton.

She makes for an unconventional romantic lead which works because the same applies to Teller, an actor who has shown incredible range in more serious films in the past. Nichols and screenwriter Mark Hammer have an ear for millennial lingo, crucial considering the film is basically a two-hander set in one cramped apartment.

Megan hits an online dating site for a quick hook-up, something she’s never done before. She quickly meets Alec Teller , who seems to be exactly what she’s looking for; meaning he’s cute, uncommitted, and not a serial killer.

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